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Affiliated Telecom Sip Trunks

Easy, Economical, Dependable, and Reliable

Digital dial tone for any phone system.

Do  you want to keep your existing  phone system?  Affiliated Telecom SIP trunking is compatible with every major manufacture including legacy and newer SIP based solutions. Bring your own phone system and we provide the dial tone,  and management

Phones lines for any type

of business phone.

SIP trunking is dial tone for any phone system — whether you  use an IP-based solution like 3CX and Asterisk, or a legacy digital system like Nortel, Affiliated Telecom can help you provide service, bill and support that solution all in a single platform. As long as you have internet access, we have the rest covered.

Benefits of Affiliated SIP Trunking

 Keep their current phone system and phone number (if they already have one).

SIP Trunking benefits include:

  • Lower local and long distance call charges.

  • Lower international calling

  • Lower monthly fees.

  • Can be priced unlimited calling or Price per phone line or bundle of minutes so your customers only pay for what they need

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