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Affilated Teams Integration

Integrates seamlessly with the software and tools you already use.

Turn Your  Teams App into a Powerful Phone System

If you are already using Microsoft Teams for chat and web meetings, you can connect it to the Affiliated  VoIP platform and enable its built-in phone system.

Affiliated  offers the simplest, vendor certified solution with one click setup and maintenance.

Certified Hardware & Simple Implementation

To take advantage of Direct Routing for Teams, you need a compatible phone service and a connection to Microsoft’s calling platform. Affiliated gives you both.

Our one-click provisioning makes the implementation simple. The automated set-up runs in the background – taking the load off your Tech team, giving you a faster, error-free implementation. No additional licenses needed!

Connect Microsoft Teams  to Any Service

Affiliated Teams for Microsoft offers advanced features like cross dialing between a customer owned PBX using an Affiliated  powered SIP Trunk, Hosted Phone System or Contact Center.

This allows IT teams to slowly transition from one system to another or connect multiple locations using different systems.

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